Be Visible with Video

Be visible with video!

Let me tell you a little story…. it’s almost embarrassing, but it’s true. I interacted in a FB group with somebody for weeks – commented on their posts, they commented on mine. Their profile photo was of a happy couple. Their name was Pat. One day Pat posted about the challenges of being a working mother… oops! I had made an assumption all this time that Pat was a man.

The other day, a friend posted on their FB timeline, “do you ever make up a voice for people on FB, based on their comments and profile photo?” It was a post meant in jest but the thread made for an interesting read…. am I making my point?

If you operate as an online entrepreneur it is critical, not optional that you are visible. Open your virtual door, greet people, let them see you and hear you. I am absolutely passionate about this. The internet provides huge and fantastic opportunities for us to operate with a global audience BUT who are you?

My first days in journalism (we’re stepping back in time a little, but I still have all my faculties) involved the click-click-click of typewriters (remember those?) and lots of phone calls. In other words, an immediate connection – even if only a voice, still a vibe, a conversation and if fruitful, it would lead to a meeting.

Now, it’s far too easy to hide. An eye catching website, fabulous copy (which you might have hired someone to write), a professionally taken profile photo – yes, the right photo to use, but it’s all so static and at the end of the day, impersonal. We are human beings, we like to interact – we love to talk, we enjoy connecting and if we want to do business – we want to know who it’s going to be with.

So we come to video. It’s hands down the most effective way for you to be visible – be authentic, build trust, reach out, engage an audience and connect. It’s a learning curve…. climb on the ladder.

Some really quick tips:

  • Watch what’s out there…. take note of what grabs your attention and what makes you turn off before 10 seconds have passed by.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Record video with your phone, watch it, record again, get comfortable.
  • Keep any video content focused. A promo/intro video should be 60seconds or less….”Hi, I’m ??, this is what I do and this is how I can help you.”
  • Get level with your audience – my laptop sits on my ironing board so I have eye level with my audience!
  • Eye contact is so important…. it’s not easy to speak direct to the camera on your phone, computer or ipad but it’s going to make all the difference – engage!
  • What’s behind you? A pile of laundry or a glaring lightbulb is not going to do you any favours…. use your backdrop to reflect your brand? This can be done cheaply and creatively.
  • Light yourself up! Natural daylight is fabulous.
  • Don’t post until you’re satisfied – remember, this might be the first time a potential client sees/hears you. It doesn’t have to be a beautifully polished video but it will reflect your professionalism and service. Be patient – work on it!

Good luck – it’s worth it!


Fiona worked as a broadcast journalist for many years (TV/radio), moving to corporate communications and latterly running her own, successful video production business. Fiona has two teenagers, and is also a qualified Personal Trainer. Her mission with her new business ‘TalkSavvy’ is to support online entrepreneurs and business owners in being visible, authentic and transparent, via video.
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