Our Strategic Executive Boost package has two main components. The first; concierge-level support. The second; a complete transformation of your business over 90 days.

90 days of 1:1 strategizing. The help & support you need while you transition your business to the next level.

The 90-day program examines your current success. We then create a carefully laid out, actionable, and attainable plan.  At the end of the program prepare to see a dramatic shift in your business.

Do you already have a plan but need help starting? VPS can execute, manage, and offer the accountability you need to achieve your goals.


The Complete Business Assessment. Goal: Expand your current potential. We perform a complete analysis of: Finances, Operations, Systems, and Processes. Our clients with pre-existing processes can expect execution and updated strategy plans by the end of month 1.
The Master Plan. Goal: Clear goals and taking those first steps. During this phase we enhance your ultimate goals. A clear map of the systems & resources needed is created. Everything required to make your new goals/plan a reality.
Phase 3: Action & Results Goal: All the hard work begins to make a serious impact. In Phase 3 both self-implementing clients and clients who choose VPS team execution experience the transformation, in real-time as your changes Go Live!