Jim Collin’s calls it “The 20-mile march.”  Seth Godin urges us to ship.  Nike says “Just do it.”  Many others have said it in as many ways: We need to do the hard work, despite it being hard.

I have come to the belief that one of the reasons why many of us don’t really engage in “the grind” is because we believe that we are so smart, so experienced, that we can predict the future.  We convince ourselves that we already know the end, so we don’t need to do the beginning.  We tell ourselves that the work won’t matter, because it’s already been done before.  Or we come to a realization that the work we do won’t have the desired outcome, so we needn’t bother in the first place.

I’m not going to begin writing the book, because nobody will read it.

I’m not going to knock on doors, because they won’t open.

I’m not going to speak up, because no one will listen.

Lies and more lies.  Rooted in fear and arrogance.  If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume that you are smarter than a lot of people, and are at least somewhat successful in your current career.  I know that I am.  But, as smart as I am, I still can’t see into three seconds from now.

Or, we convince ourselves that doing the hard work is going to be all dreary and dull.   That because it is hard work, we won’t have any enjoyment in it along the way.  We believe that we need to be completely Puritanical in our efforts.  That joy is for the slackers and the millennials and the lazy or corrupt.  Only when we achieve success can we breathe, and even that is short-lived, because we need to jump into the next whatever.

What a lie.  Sure, some of the work that we do is actually going to feel like work.  It’s not all going to be balloons and lollipops.  During the 20-mile march, our feet and our backs are going to get sore, blisters will form, and we will get tired. Along the way, however, as we are putting one foot in front of the other, we will see and hear birds.  We’ll meet new people. We’ll get stronger.  We will learn a lot about ourselves.

I’m beginning to have a better relationship with the grind.  Finding moments in the march that are just really cool.  Like finding just the right turn of phrase, or meeting fascinating people along the way.  Sure, the grind still knocks me down on a regular basis.  I just don’t care anymore.  I ask, “Is that all you’ve got?  Really?”  And I come back kicking and hitting, because even though I can’t see into the future, I know that a lot of it is going to be good.


Master Patrick HothBIO

About Master Patrick Hoth

Master Patrick Hoth is the lead instructor at the World Taekwondo Academy in St. Michael, Minnesota. He has a BS in Spec Ed (Honors, Cum Laude), MA: Education Policy and Administration (Summa Cum Laude), Harvard University, Principal Leadership and Development, is a 5th Degree Black Belt and has more than 30+ years Martial Arts Ed.Most importantly, husband, father, son, and recovering sinner.


Launch Secret Checklist


Launch Secret Checklist

Congratulations, you’re ready to launch the next big thing! As entrepreneurs, launching a product or service can be the equivalent of having a baby …. ok maybe not that extreme. But you have invested time, energy and probably money to create your big idea and you’re ready to get it out to the public! Before liftoff, ensure you have anticipated every scenario and use this checklist to help guide you through a seamless launch!


Where’s the Hype?

By definition, the word hype means “to promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits.”


I’m not sure you need to exaggerate the importance of your product, but it is extremely important to spend time promoting and publicizing your product before launching. This means, spending time on your social media sites, providing amazing FREE value; dropping hints in your email sequence; maybe even spend some money on Facebook ads. Perhaps you think this is obvious, yet many entrepreneurs launch their new products at the same time they start the hype. This often results in a disappointing first week and even a disappointing first month of sales. Why? Because nobody knows what the heck your selling! It’s important to start by “teasing” your prospects and generate a sense of anticipation and curiosity.


Use a system to track your success

Making sales is important!  Yet creating simple systems to track every part of your launch process in very important. This includes knowing how many people click your Facebook ad or open your email. A successful launch is much more than just ‘selling.” It also includes keeping track of what worked, what did not work and how to create systems that allow you to replicate successful launches of new products and services over and over again.


Establish an affiliate partnership with another successful entrepreneur

This technique is something many business owners don’t think about when launching their big idea. However, statistics prove you can generate significantly more visibility by having an affiliate link on someone else’s website, blog or Facebook page. Often, other entrepreneurs are looking to supplement their services by providing links to other products or services. So don’t be hesitant to ask about their interest in an affiliation with your product or service.  Invest time setting up your affiliate program correctly so your strategic partner also has an opportunity to make some money from sales that are a direct result of your joint affiliation.


Establish a launch mode time frame

Your launch should have a beginning, middle and an end. Create a calendar of activities and know what you’re going to do with your big idea after the launch is complete. Have a plan to move your big idea into your ongoing sales funnel process. Then once you’ve moved into sales mode, determine how you will continue keeping your target market engaged.


Many people launch, make some money and then stop providing free content, or don’t do a good job of starting the process all over again. Instead, ensure you have a game plan prior to your product launch, so you’re ready for your next big idea to also launch successfully.


Test every hyper-link 

Nothing is worse than marketing a great product and directing your prospects to take action and then” poof” nothing happens or you get the dreaded ”404 Website Not Found” error message. Take the time to click on every link on your website and internet marketing items. You might be surprised to discover certain functions are not working correctly.

Dawn About Image 5BIO

Dawn Sinkule, the Founder of Virtual Point Solutions, is an MBA graduate, Strategy and Business Growth Consultant as well as a Certified Online Business Manager with more than 16 years of corporate experience working for a Fortune 50 company. Dawn and her team work with passionate six figure business owners who want to grow, expand, and explode their businesses. Dawn and the VPS team provide your choice of  self-implementation or fully done for you solutions, and both include detailed business strategies, automation, systems, and most importantly the satisfaction of knowing your business is heading the right direction. Her clients get not only the experience of a Fortune 50 leader, but also a personalized and customized strategy as well as an implementation team: AKA your secret weapon for success. Check out her website and grab her FREE 4 Systems you Never Knew You Needed to Crush Chaos and Put Profit First (finally!). Connect with Dawn and her team on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

5 Tips for PR

5 Tip for PR

5 Tips to Secure a TV or Radio Segment to Promote Your Business


As entrepreneurs we are always looking for creative ways to grow our business, to gain more raving fans and create more clients or consumers. In this day in age most businesses are building their empire online because it feels natural. We live in a virtual world and it gives us instant feedback. An online business is also portable and allows flexibility to choose when and where we work.


But what if we want to build a business that has a stronger presence? Are you tired of building a business only behind a computer screen? Do you feel it is time to create brand recognition much greater than Facebook? Would you like your business to be more well-known locally, regionally or nationally?


I am Heather DeSantis of Boss Babe PR and here are my Five Tried and True Tips to help you secure TV and Radio segments.


Identify Your Target Market Community

  • First and foremost, prosper where your feet are and focus on your home town! Stations LOVE local on-air talent.
  • Once you have experience promoting your business services or products, consider targeting new cities or even cities you will be traveling to that year.

Identify the Service or Product You Most Want to Promote

  • Often your business offers more than one product or service so it is important to have a clear understanding of what you most want to promote and sell.
  • Once the product or service is identified, brain storm key elements and benefits you feel comfortable discussing. For example: how to become organized; tips for healthy eating; key things to look for if buying a new house, etc.
  • TIP: Combining with an upcoming National Awareness Day (Mother’s Day, American Heart Month etc.) may help your promotion effort. Or current national or regional news may create a need for broadcasters to find experts like you to provide more detailed information.
  • After you know your key topics and the product or service you will promote, you are ready to pitch the media!
  • Be confident!

Write and Email Your Pitch

  • First, make a list of all TV and Radio stations in your target market.
  • Gather the producers email address simply by going to the station’s website
  • Producers work early in the AM so consider contacting them before 10 AM.


  • Send the producer a SHORT email introducing yourself.
  • Ask to be a guest on their morning show.
  • Summarize the content of your talk to -include three or four bullet points.


  • Send a follow-up email to the producer 24 hours after your initial email.
  • Call the station and ask to speak to the producer within 48-72 hours
    • Introduce yourself and assume they did not receive your email and ask to be a guest on their morning show.

Live in Gratitude and Provide Value

  • Once you book a segment it is so important you provide GREAT content!
  • Arrive early and follow up with a thank you card.
  • Ensure you know before the segment if it is LIVE or recorded; the length of the segment and other special arrangements.
  • Ensure you practice, practice, practice!



About Heather — Boss Babe PR


Heather is a results driven and passionate Publicist who is your brand warrior. Whether it is extending your brand through positioning you as the “go to” expert through radio and print interviews or securing TV segments for product placement Heather is your go to girl.


With past experience of being a Food Publicist for 3 + years working with nationally known food brands and restaurants Heather quickly developed a track record of securing 35 segments per week for various clients across the country focusing both on local and National media. Not only would she secure the segments BUT she would write the content and prepare the talent for the segments.


Heather has experience with securing day of media, pitching grass roots efforts for local charity 5Ks, working with local dignitaries and even handling media for two former NFL players at Radio Row at the Super Bowl.


When she is not being a brand evangelist she is watching morning talk shows, reading personal development, drinking her favorite protein superfoods shake, spending time with her Sports Reporter Boyfriend and spending time with her mom.  She is attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to further her knowledge of nutrition.